A Car Crash On Siesta Key Injures Three

Florida Highway Patrol reported three people from Sarasota were seriously injured when the driver of the car they were riding in lost control on Midnight Pass Road and crashed.

FHP said the accident happened when the driver of the car, Leann Outing a thirty year-old from Sarasota, was heading west on midnight pass approaching the intersection with Higel.

Outing failed to stop and attempted to continue north on Higel avenue. Instead the car made a sweeping turn to the right and crossed over both the north bound and southbound lanes where it drove off the road on the west side.

After running off Higel onto the shoulder the car crashed into a sign, mailbox and then slamming into a tree.

The collision happened with enough force to seriously injure, Outing and her two passengers despite the fact that they were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Passenger 29 year old Charles Olson and the driver, Leann Outing were taken to Blake Medical Center for treatment. Passenger Malachi Jackson a 28 year-old also from Sarasota was taken to Sarasota Memorial for treatment of serious injury.

FHP has stated that the crash is under further investigation, but has not said whether or not  alcohol was a factor.

Fatal Accident On U.S. 41 Near Road In Venice Kills One, Injures Two

 A serious accident just outside of the Spanish Lakes community on U.S. 41 resulted in a woman fro Venice being killed and two more being injured.

Florida Highway patrol stated the crash happened on Saturday afternoon when 81 year old Ralph Van Brunt and 76 year old Joy Van Brunt attempted to turn into Spanish Lakes drive from the Southbound lanes.

As the Toyota coupe they were driving cut across both lanes of traffic it ran directly into the path of a northbound F250 being driven by 48 year old Margaret  Niklas of Arcadia.

The larger heavy-duty pickup truck crashed into the Toyota just outside Spanish Lakes.

Joy Van Brunt was pronounced dead after being flown to Blake Medical Center and Ralph Van Brunt was brought o Venice Medical Center with serious injuries.

17 year-old Marie Niklas, riding in the F250 was also hurt in the crash and taken to Venice Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol reported all involved had been wearing seat belts and that the driver of the Toyota had violated right-of-way.

Tire-Blowout Causes Crash With School Bus Near Fruitville Road

Florida Highway Patrol reported a crash on interstate 75 near Fruitville Road involved a school bus transporting 50 students and three other vehicles.

The accident happened when the tire on a Chevy Silverado traveling on I-75 blew out causing the pickup truck and another car to slow down to avoid a crash.

However a School Bus with fifty students and two chaperones from Port Charlotte was unable to slow down in time to avoid rear-ending one of the vehicles. The car struck by the bus was thrust forward and in turn rear-ended another vehicle.

Fortunately no one was injured in the accident however one of the vehicle involved fled the scene.

The driver of the Chevy pickup 45 year old Mitchelle Barnes was given a ticket for no proof of insurance and driving with faulty equipment.

Wrong-way Crash On 275 Near Bearss Avenue Killes Driver

Yet another fatal collision caused by a driver going the wrong way on interstate 275 was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol.

The accident happened Friday morning when the driver of a Honda Civic for reasons unknown drove his car north in the southbound lanes of I-275 in Tampa.

The Civic collided head-on with a rental truck heading south. The force of the collision killed the driver of the Civic but the occupants of the rental truck suffered only minor injuries.

The accident forced the closure of the lanes while authorities cleared the wreckage and investigated the crash. FHP has not yet released further details about the accident.

North Port Car Accident Ejects; Injures Driver

cranberry-boulevard-car-wreckNorth Port Police reported an early morning single car accident that resulted in a man being thrown from an overturned car.

The accident occurred at roughly 2:15a.m. when 43 year old Alexander Picciani drove north on Cranberry Boulevard. As Picciani entered a sweeping curve in the road near the intersection with Lemay Lane he failed to negotiate the turn.

Picciani lost control of the vehicle which slid across the the road through the southbound lane  and ran off the road. The vehicle continued to speed off the road, smashing a mailbox and then launching off the embankment of a culvert into the air, where it over turned throwing Picciani from the vehicle.

Picciani was take by first responders to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton for treatment of serious injuries.

Police stated the accident is still under investigation.

Clark Road Red Light Runner Light Accident Kills Scooter Rider

Florida Highway Patrol reported that a red-light runner accident in Sarasota between a Dodge minivan and a scooter has resulted in one death.

The accident happened Saturday just after 8:40 p.m. when the a Dodge Caravan was heading west on Clark Road near the intersection of Honore Avenue when the driver of a scooter ran the red light attempting to turn left, riding directly into the path of the oncoming mini-van.

The violent collision killed the scooter rider, who’s identity has not yet been released.

The occupants of the Dodge Caravan included driver, Michelle Kolch a 41 year old from Thonotosassa and two passengers Anita Glover, 65 and 11-year old Anthony Kolch. No one in the minivan was injured during the crash.

The Driver Of A Fatal Wrong-Way Crash In Parrish has Been Identified

Tuesday morning the driver of a Buick sedan heading south on U.S. 301 cut across the median and proceeded south in the north-bound lanes.

The Buick still driving south in the northbound lanes entered a curve in U.S. 301 at he same time a tractor-trail was entering the same curve from the other side.

The driver of the truck, Otniel  Medina attempted to turn to avoid crashing into the Buick but the two vehicles collided violently killing the driver of the Buick.

Due to the nature of the injuries sustained by the the driver it took authorities some time to determine the identity of the driver. Police reported the drive was 83-year old Julian Laney from Venice.

Apparently both drivers were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident and it is still unknown why Laney was driving the wrong way or whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

I-275 Wrong Way Crash Driver Has Been Identified

The driver of a Ford Expedition that drove the wrong way on I-275 and collided head on with a sedan carrying four USF students causing the the death of all involved has been identified.

Florida Highway Patrol has reported that Daniel Morris, a 28-year old from Tampa was at the wheel of the full-sized SUV during the collision.

Further FHP stated that Morris had borrowed the SUV from his friend Scott Enfinger. Enfinger stated that Morris had been staying with him having recently moved to Florida from Michigan.

Due to the severe fire that engulfed the SUV after the crash, the body of the driver required other methods for positive identification.

Police still have not been able to determine why Morris had driven down the wrong way. Witnesses took cell-phone video which shows the SUV speeding down the wrong way at roughly 70 miles per hour.

Other drivers swerved to avoid crashing into the SUV and the video shows no indication that Morris was slowing down or attempting get off the road.

Wrong-Way Crash On I-275 Kills Five In Tampa

Florida Highway Patrol announced a deadly wrong-way accident that killed five people on I-275.

The crash happened at roughly 2a.m. Sunday morning when an SUV going the wrong way on I-275 smashed head-one into a sedan.

Four of the deceased were Sigma Beta Rho fraternaty brothers from University of South Florida riding in the sedan, a Hyundai Sonata.

The driver of the SUV was also killed in the collision and the force and intense heat from the head on crash has so far made it impossible to identify the driver of the SUV.

Florida Highway Patrol is continuing an investigation into the crash, but have not yet released any details, including the reason that the driver of SUV was heading the wrong way on the freeway.

The identities of the four killed in the sedan are, 21 year old Dammie Yesudhas, 21 year old Jobin Kuriakose, 22 year old Ankeet Patel, and 20 year old Imtiyaz Ilias.

The crash forced the closure of 275 for several hours while police completed crash-site investigations, and the wreckage was cleared.

Judy Genshaft, president of USF announced that the university would be offering counseling services for students distressed by the deaths of their classmates.


Sugar Creek Country Club Parking Lot Crash Kills Three

sugar creek country club accidentThree people were killed, and five people injured Sunday from an accident at the Sugar Creek Country Club in east Bradenton.

The accident occurred at 11a.m. February 2nd in the parking lot of the Sugar Creek Country Club, an over 55 residential community.

Residents of Sugar Creek use the clubhouse as a church Sundays, and had begun to gather and socialize in the parking lot outside after services had concluded. Shortly after 11a.m. the driver of a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV attempting to back out of a parking space in front of the clubhouse apparently lost control of the vehicle and accelerated sharply in reverse across the parking lot.

As the SUV speed in reverse across the lot it slammed into the crowd of churchgoers running over several people before crashing through shrubs and trees and plunging into a lake. The SUV finally stopped after being in several feet of water on the embankment.

Three people were killed and four others suffered serious injures from the impact.

The pedestrians killed in the accident were 72 year old Margaret Vanderlaan from Bradenton, 80 year old Johanna Dijkhoff from Bradnton and  70 year old Wilhemina Paul, also from Bradenton.

Nellie Vlasma and Nelly Deporter were taken to Blake Medical Center for treatment and Michael Claus and Fred Eringa were brought to Manatee Memorial Hospital.