Motorcycle Crash On Cortez Road Fatal For Bradenton Rider

Florida Highway Patrol reported a fatal motorcycle accident Sunday.

The crash took place when 18 year old Hugo Arellano rode a 2004 Suzuki motorcycle wast on Cortez Road and approached the intersection of 106th.

In the westbound lanes a Buick Lacrosse being driven by ninety-year old William Mitchell attempted to turn left into 106th Street across Cortez. The 90 year old driver did not see the oncoming motorcyclist and drove directly into his path.

As a result of the violent crash, Arellano died of his injures at the scene however Mitchell and his passenger were unharmed in the accident.

Florida Highway Patrol said charges are pending and the accident is under further investigation.

School Buses Crash Injuring Students

Florida Highway patrol reported a crash involving two Manatee County school buses resulting in students being injured.

The accident happened Monday afternoon at the intersection of 40th St W. and Cortez Road at approximately 3:45.

Officials from Manatee County Schools stated that 9 Moody Elementary School students suffered minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals for treatment following the crash.

Scooter Accident Injures Man From Palmetto

Florida Highway Patrol have reported an accident on Cortez Road has resulted in a man from Palmetto being critically injured and taken to Blake medical center for treatment.

The accident happened when Aaron Hill a 23-year old was riding a scooter down Cortez Road heading west when he crashed into a car.

A 23-year-old Palmetto man suffered critical injuries late Wednesday when the scooter he was riding collided with a car on Cortez Road in Manatee County, authorities said.

The Car, a 2008 Nissan Versa was from the east bound lanes and waiting in the turn lane when Hill also entered the turn lane and collided with the Nissan.

The accident took place at the intersection of Cortez road and 37th Street West a few minutes after 9:30 p.m. The driver of the car, Jason Anziano, a 29 year old from Bradenton, was not injured ion the crash.

Aaron R. Hill was transported to Blake Medical Center for treatment following the crash, which occurred shortly after 9:30 p.m., according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

FHP Seeks Drivers From Two Hit And Run Accidents

Two drivers who caused separate hit and run accidents in Bradenton are being sought by the Florida Highway Patrol.

hit and run 13th ave wThe first hit and run in Bradenton occurred at quarter before 5:00p.m Saturday when the driver of a Jeep Cherokee ran a stop sign on 13th Ave. West and smashed into another car already proceeding through the intersection at 39th Street W.

Witnesses said the Jeep Cherokee was grey or silver and the drier appeared to be a fifty-year old white man.

 The force of the collision was enough for the driver of the hit car, Sheila Tschida from Bradenton, to sustain minor injuries and require medical treatment from Blake Medical Center.

A separate hit and run on Sunday happened at 11p.m.

hits and run cortez us 41At the left turn lane of the  intersection of Cortez Road and U.S. 41 a Nissan sedan was stopped waiting to turn. A Dodge Durango SUV crashed into the rear of the Nissan and then fled the scene.

The Nissan’s driver Sarah Mellon from Bradenton pursued the Durando after the crash and was able to get a license plate number, M462IL. The collision was enough for Mellon to sustain minor injuries and seek treatment at Manatee Memorial. Florida Highway patrol troopers have asked witnesses to contact them at (239) 938-1800.

Bicyclist from Bradenton In Critical After Being Hit By Car

Bike accident cortez and us 41Florida Highway Patrol reported that a man from Bradenton was struck by a car Wednesday morning landing him in critical medical condition.

The Bicyclist, Mark Saba a  44 year old from Bradenton was rushed to Blake Medical Center in critical medical condition.

FHP stated the accident occurred after 7:00 am as Saba who was riding his bike without wearing a helmet was cycling towards route 41 on Cortez Road. At the same time the driver of a Ford F-150 pick up truck, Jonny Anderson a 42 year-old was on 41 driving towards the intersection at Cortez Rd.

Apparently the Bicyclist did not spot the oncoming pick up truck and the two collided.

Hit and Run Driver Sought By FHP For Bradenton Crash

The driver of a vehicle that rear-ended another car on Cortez Rd. in Bradenton Monday is being sought by the Florida Highway Patrol.

the accident happened near 5 p.m when a Maroon Dodge Ram pickup truck struck a car waiting to make a left turn onto Cortez road from 51st Street.

Witnesses described the Ram pickup as maroon with peeling paint on the hood and the driver as a “slightly heavy” woman possibly in her twenties with brown hair.

FHP has requested anyone with knowledge of the accident to contact them at  239-938-1800.

Accident In Cortez Critically Injurys Bradenton Man

Cortez Rd Traffic Accident leaves Bradenton man in critical condition after a Jeep Cherokee and BMW collide on Cortez Rd.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol the accident occurred around 6:30 Sunday as the driver of a Jeep Cherokee (Michael Wasilko from Bradenton) tried to pass the BMW  turning as the BMW turned into a driveway.

The Jeep Cherokee collided with the BMW causing it to strike a business sign before crashing into a concrete structure and rolling over.

A 46-year-old man is in critical condition after a traffic accident in Cortez.

Both the driver and passenger of the BMW were not injured in the collision. Michael Wasilko was taken to Blake Medical Center for treatment.