Another Deadly Wrongway Crash In Florida On I-275

A car heading the wrong way on interstate 275 in Tampa crashed into a semi truck Sunday.

The violent head on crash killed all three including two passengers and the driver of the car. Florida Highway Patrol  identified the victims as Gabrielle and Lakritra Lanier from Tampa and John Pierson from Riverview.

Troopers said the truck had been hauling oil products and the driver of the truck was unharmed in the crash.

FHP is investigating whether or not alcohol was involved. Since February of 2014 there have been four wrong way crashes on I- 275, all with fatalities.

The results from the lab are not expected for at least six weeks.

Wrong-way Crash On 275 Near Bearss Avenue Killes Driver

Yet another fatal collision caused by a driver going the wrong way on interstate 275 was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol.

The accident happened Friday morning when the driver of a Honda Civic for reasons unknown drove his car north in the southbound lanes of I-275 in Tampa.

The Civic collided head-on with a rental truck heading south. The force of the collision killed the driver of the Civic but the occupants of the rental truck suffered only minor injuries.

The accident forced the closure of the lanes while authorities cleared the wreckage and investigated the crash. FHP has not yet released further details about the accident.

I-275 Wrong Way Crash Driver Has Been Identified

The driver of a Ford Expedition that drove the wrong way on I-275 and collided head on with a sedan carrying four USF students causing the the death of all involved has been identified.

Florida Highway Patrol has reported that Daniel Morris, a 28-year old from Tampa was at the wheel of the full-sized SUV during the collision.

Further FHP stated that Morris had borrowed the SUV from his friend Scott Enfinger. Enfinger stated that Morris had been staying with him having recently moved to Florida from Michigan.

Due to the severe fire that engulfed the SUV after the crash, the body of the driver required other methods for positive identification.

Police still have not been able to determine why Morris had driven down the wrong way. Witnesses took cell-phone video which shows the SUV speeding down the wrong way at roughly 70 miles per hour.

Other drivers swerved to avoid crashing into the SUV and the video shows no indication that Morris was slowing down or attempting get off the road.

Wrong-Way Crash On I-275 Kills Five In Tampa

Florida Highway Patrol announced a deadly wrong-way accident that killed five people on I-275.

The crash happened at roughly 2a.m. Sunday morning when an SUV going the wrong way on I-275 smashed head-one into a sedan.

Four of the deceased were Sigma Beta Rho fraternaty brothers from University of South Florida riding in the sedan, a Hyundai Sonata.

The driver of the SUV was also killed in the collision and the force and intense heat from the head on crash has so far made it impossible to identify the driver of the SUV.

Florida Highway Patrol is continuing an investigation into the crash, but have not yet released any details, including the reason that the driver of SUV was heading the wrong way on the freeway.

The identities of the four killed in the sedan are, 21 year old Dammie Yesudhas, 21 year old Jobin Kuriakose, 22 year old Ankeet Patel, and 20 year old Imtiyaz Ilias.

The crash forced the closure of 275 for several hours while police completed crash-site investigations, and the wreckage was cleared.

Judy Genshaft, president of USF announced that the university would be offering counseling services for students distressed by the deaths of their classmates.


I-275 Traffic Accident Kills Sarasota Man

Early morning shortly before 4:00 a.m. a man driving a 2001 Pontiac crashed into a guardrail while driving down an exit ramp from interstate 275.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that the driver of the car, Adam Shaw a 22 year old from Sarasota was attempting to exit I-275 at the 31st Street South exit and smashed into the guardrail. The collision with the guard rail threw Shaw from the car and onto the roadway.

Troopers indicated from the apparent position of the car that Shaw must have been going too fast for the ramp, and the excessive speed was a contributing factor of the crash.

First responders pronounced Shaw dead at the scene.


Port Charlotte Man Dies and Two Passengers Injured On I-275 Crash

Florida Highway Patrol reported a fatal accident with injuries on I-275 in Manatee county. The accident occurred early morning around 5:30 am when the driver (James Boyer, 79 of Port Charlotte) collapsed or went unconscious while driving.

Out of control, the car crossed the highway and collided with a barrier wall, then crossed the highway again to crash into the opposite barrier and finally come to a stop.

The two passengers, a 75-year-old male from Punta Gorda suffered minor injuries and  a 98-year-old female passenger also from Punta Gorda was injured seriously. Both passengers were taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital. Everyone in the car was wearing seat belts and there was no other vehicles in the crash.


Crash On I-275 Leaves Sarasota Man In Crititcal Condition

Florida Highway Patrol said a wrong-way crash on I-275 in Manatee county early Sunday morning has left a Sarasota man in critical condition.

The injured man Christopher Jackson, of Sarasota was taken to Blake Hospital in Bradenton.

The accident was a result of driving the wrong way – heading north on the southbound  lanes just south of U.S. 19. Mr. Jackson’s 1997 Chevy Lumina collided with a Jeep Wrangler. Both vehicles struck each other in the right front.

Both the driver and passenger of the Jeep, Jeremy J. Tomlinson and Brandon

According to the FHP, he was driving north in the southbound right lane of I-275 one mile south of U.S. 19 in a 1997 Chevrolet Lumina when the right front of Jackson’s vehicle struck the right front of a 2002 Jeep Wrangler driven by Jeremy J. Tomlinson, and Rachel Striker, of Brandon, are in serious condition at Blake Hospital.

The collision spun Jackson’s car which came to rest blocking both southbound lanes. The Jeep ended up in the center median. The Florida Highway Patrol has said charges are pending.