Fatal St. Petersburg Motorcycle Crash Closes 16th Avenue N

St. Petersburg Police reported a fatal crash between a vehicle and a motorcyclist on 16th Street North.

The accident took place near the intersection of 16th Avenue North and 22nd Avenue North at roughly eleven O’Clock in the morning.

16th Avenue North was temporarily closed as Police investigated the accident and crews cleared the roadway.

The motorcyclist who died of injuries sustained in the crash has not yet been identified by authorities.

Two St. Petersburg Police Officers Hurt In Crash By Drunk Driver

St. Petersburg Police announced two officers were injured during a traffic stop at Fourth Street and 24th Ave.

The crash happened as a sergeant and an officer from the St. Petersburg police department were responding to an accident between a tractor-trailer and another driver, 41 year old Raymond Richardson was approaching in his Crown Victoria and crashed into the police cruisers.

The force of the collision was enough to injure both officers, with each sustaining neck injuries. Richardson, the driver of the Crown Victoria, a full-sized sedan, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence of alcohol and careless driving.

Both Police officers were treated at a St. Petersburg Hospital and released later that day.

St. Petersburg Motorcyclist Killed After Crash With Fire Truck

St. Petersburg authorities reported a deadly crash between a fire truck and a motorcycle early Sunday morning.

The deadly accident  happened as forty eight year old William R. Ash of St. Pete was riding north on 66th Street on the inside lane heading toward the intersection with 54th Avenue North. At the same time a fire truck responding to an emergency was also heading north toward the same intersection.

At approximately 1:00 a.m. both the fire truck and the motorcycle neared the intersection with 54th Avenue North. As the fire truck approached the intersection it began to make a left turn. At the same time Ash attempted to pass the fire truck and the two vehicles collided. The force of the collision was fatal for Ash who died at the scene.

Authorities stated that the emergency vehicle had lights and sirens on at the time of the accident. Florida Highway Patrol announced charges are pending in the crash.

Red Light Runner Flees After Causing Deadly St. Petersburg Car Crash

St. Petersburg Police announced a 22 year old college student was in a hit-and-run crash.

According to authorities, the deadly crash happened when Andrew Mitchell and twenty-two year old Doneisha Bowens were driving northbound on 34th Street S early Sunday morning.

At the same time the driver of a Chevy pickup, driven by forty nine year old Anthony Brown was driving westbound on 5th Ave. South heading toward the intersection with 34th Street South and approaching a red stoplight.

At just prior to 4a.m. Brown ran the red light as Bowens and Mitchel were proceeding though the intersection having the right-of-way. Brown’s Chevy pick up truck collided with the car Bowens and Mitchel were in at speed.

The two vehicles crashed violently and when Brown’s Chevy came to rest he fled the scene on foot. However he did not get far before St. Petersburg police officers were able to subdue and apprehend Brown taking him into custody.

Bowens was taken to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg where she was pronounced dead.

After treatment at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, Brown was release back into police custody where he has been charged with several serious charges including DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and battery of a police officer.

St. Petersburg Motorcycle Crash Kills Rider

The St. Petersburg Police Department announced the death of a motorcyclist resulting from a crash.

Twenty two year old Motorcyclist Jimmie Hawk was killed after crashing into a car. Witnesses stated that Hawk was riding a 1995 Honda motorcycle at a high rate of speed and swerving between vehicles as he headed eastbound.

As seventy five year old Jean Broderick was turning her car into the North Baptist Church parking lot Hawk approached rapidly from the rear. Hawk was unable to stop in time and crashed into the back of the car at speed.

The force of the impact ejected Hawk from his motorcycle onto the roadway where he suffered server injuries. Hawk was rushed to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg for emergency medical treatment where he died from his injuries.

Hit And Run Porsche Driver Kills 2 In St. Petersburg

Police in St. Petersburg Florida chased down a hit and run driver that fled the scene of a crash one crash and collided with another vehicle killing two.

The driver of a Porsche SUV was involved in a car crash, then fled the scene. Police stated that while fleeing the scene of the first crash the SUV exceeded speeds of 100 miles per hour. As the driver of the SUV sped away from the first crash they collided with another car. Both the driver and the passenger of the car were killed in the collision.

The driver of the SUV, Anthony Apollo Neeley was charged by St. Petersburg Police with two cases of DUI manslaughter, operating an unregistered vehicle, operating a car without registration, and without insurance.

The names of the deceased will not be released until the families have been notified.