Two Motorcyclists Suffered Serious Injury In I-75 Crash

In an update to a previous post on injured motorcyclist that resulted in the closure of the southbound lanes of I-75t at Jacaranda Blvd., further details have been released by FHP.

The accident happened near the southbound lanes at Laurel Road just north of Jacaranda. The accident was between a motorcycle and a Toyota Camry traveling south on 75.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol the crash took place when the driver of a 2012 Toyota Camry traveling south of the Laurel Road interchange in the center lane failed to spot a Honda VXR motorcycle with two passengers that had begun to slow down.

The Toyota smashed into the motorcycle at speed pinning the Honda under the front of the car which continued to travel forward for hundreds of feet before coming to a stop.

Two people suffered serious injuries in a traffic crash Wednesday evening that shut down southbound lanes of Interstate 75 near the Laurel Road interchange, authorities said.

The crash took place just before 6p.m. and both people riding the motorcycle suffered severe injuries as a result of the violent collision.

The injured riders were flown to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton for emergency treatment. Thought the identity of the riders has not yet been released, Troopers did say that they were from Cape Coral.

The driver of a 1994 Honda VXR motorcycle was seriously injured and a passenger on the motorcycle received critical injuries in the accident, which occurred around 5:50 p.m., according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Both of the injured were flown by helicopter to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton for treatment. Troopers have not yet released their names, but noted in reports that both were from Cape Coral.

The uninjured driver of the Toyota Camry has been charged with careless driving.