7 Car Crash In St. Petersburg Kills One

St. Petersburg Police reported a deadly accident involving seven vehicles. The crash took place at roughly 5p.m.  as a black van was driving at southbound at excessive speeds on 34th Street S and approached the intersection with 38th Avenue.

Several vehicles were apparently stopped at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green when the van crashed into them at high speed.

The force of the impact caused several vehicles to be slammed into each other resulting in one death and at least five people injured including a young child, a woman and three adult males.

Witnesses described the driver as a middle age male driving a black van with Alabama state tags. The man was found deceased behind the wheel of the van however St. Petersburg Police are still investigating the accident to fully determine the events.

During cleanup 34th Street was closed to all traffic between 30th Ave. and 40th ave. as crews worked to clear away wreckage and officers conducted their investigation.