Bradenton Man pronounced deceased after Fatal Truck Accident

BRADENTON FLORIDA- Florida High Patrol has announced that a 61 year old man has died in a  fatal incident following a deadly tractor trailer crash on late Monday afternoon.

The crash happened as a Unknown driver was driving a Tractor Trailer. The driver was traveling west on State Road 64 while approaching the intersection of East Bay Drive.

At 2:27 P.M as a 61 year old male pedestrian traveled east on the northern sidewalk after reaching the bridge of State Road 64 he fell off the bicycle and entered the west bound lane of State Road 64. At the same time the truck continued to travel along its path and the right rear of the truck collided with the pedestrian on the spot. After the incident the vehicle continued to travel west on State Road 64.

The identities of the Driver and the Pedestrian remain unknown at this time.

The Tractor Trailer was described to be an unknown color truck towing a red in color forklift on a trailer.

If anyone has any information regarding the crash please contact the Florida Highway Patrol at 239-938-1800 or Crimestoppers.

UPDATE 5-22-2020 Pedestrian 1 was pronounced Deceased; the identities of both the Driver and Truck remain unknown at this time.

the crash remains under investigation.

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